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Providing quality AKC registered GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER puppies with HUNT!

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Experienced GSP Breeder

This is our 6 bay kennel with a 70x80 private play yard.

We have been breeding this line since 2000.  We started from an unforgettable great, great, great grandmother.  We are familiar with this pedigree.  We provide a safe, clean, healthy, loving environment for our dogs and their puppies.  We socialize the pups from day one!

Happy, Healthy, Capable Bloodline

My daughters & I work hard to provide you a happy, healthy puppy.  We are proud of our dogs, how they enjoy one another as family & how they enjoy being moms & a dad.  They love their role as protectors of our family and as our pets, our hunting buddies, & fellow beach bums.  Each pup has GREAT bloodlines behind them and natural hunting ability & potential to be a champion.  From the moment they are born, their drive is present.  A fair handler can refine each one of our pups to be great.

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A Furever Friend

I had German Shepherds and a Boxer prior to meeting my first GSP.  The other breeds were super, but there was something different about the GSP that hooked me.  I enjoy the sleek conformation, no long tail to knock things over, no slobber on my walls, ...there is nothing like seeing a GSP hunt grouse or track a pheasant and hand it to you live (no gun needed, lol).  They are wicked intelligent and train quickly to consistent requests. They are so willing to please, stay close in the field yet have independence to go out and work for you. They love kids, are great swimmers, have hollow hair so they dry with no wet dog smell, and love to snuggle.  They are a working dog and should be given tasks and simple rewards, rather than spoiled...

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About Us

We deliver from Delaware to our farm in Maine.  Ask us about delivery if you live in New England!

Our Maine Farm

We deliver our pups to our farm in Maine.  If you live in New England, ask about delivery!


Our Puppy Managers Have Many Years of Experience

Our puppies get much love...hopefully not too much!  They are quite socialized and acclimated, and handled with much care.


We Have Quality Dogs: Testimonials are Available

We have customers who buy two at a time, we have customers who have purchased pups from us 3 and 4 times.  I hope my "managers" will be blessed to continue this line for many years to come.

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Reserve Your New Friend! Available Thanksgiving 2019!

We are blessed with handsome liver & white and black & white GSP pups. They range from brights to heavily ticked.  Let us know what you may desire.  All are beautiful in their unique pattern.  All have hunt and/or make great family pets!


Milton, Delaware

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